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Polyester Round

All the polyester tablecloths are made in France
No Mess, No Fuss!
All of the polyester tablecloths are stain resistant, machine washable,
dryer friendly & do not require ironing!
Washing Instructions
Regular Machine Wash & Dry Cycle
They come in these sizes:
 Size Shape  Price 
 70"  Round $39
 76" x 60"  Rectangle $39
 96" x 60"  Rectangle $41
116" x 60"   Rectangle $47
Click HERE to see Rectangle Polyester Tablecloths
Click HERE to see the Rectangle Christmas Tablecloths
 (click on the pictures for a larger view)
Calla Lily Brick Red
Calla Lily Gurg Red
Cherrie Green
Cherrie White
Cherrie Yellow
Cica Blue
Cica  Green
Fagot Red
Grape Blue
(Not Available)
Grape Rust
(Not Available)
Lavender Off-White
Lavender Parme
Lavender With Light Green Border
Lavender With Light Pink Border
Lemon Blue
Lemon Green
Lemon Red
Menton Blue
Menton Red
Moustier Pink
Off White Green Poppy Mimo
(Not Available)
Olive Tree Dark Yellow
Olive Tree Yellow
Poppy Red
Shell Natural
Shell White
Small Olive Green
Small Olive Off White
Small Olive Red
Olive Blue
Olive Green
Olive Off-White
Rousillon Lavander
Rousillon Red
Wisteria Blue
Wisteria Green
Wisteria Yellow