Spice Grinders


  $26.95 ea.

These decorative Spice Grinders are a great addition to any place-setting - esp. with my tablecloths! J
 Currently, these will only be filled with Mediterranean Salt for shipment.
If you would prefer no salt filling, please let me know when you make your purchase.
How to Refill the Grinders
First, get yourself a plate to catch any escaping herbes or salts and then start by pushing down on the spring as shown above.
Next, take out the wooden rod.
Then, simply remove the spring, the two round plastic pieces and the ceramic top
Next, place your finger under the grinder and hold the brown center piece up and in place.
If you do not do this, you will have spices/salts escaping from the bottom.
While holding the center piece from the bottom, you can now refill your Spice Grinder.
Once filled, while holding the bottom center piece in place with your finger, put the ceramic lid on first, then the smaller brown circular piece, then the spring, then the larger brown round piece.
With your finger still holding the bottom center piece, push the spring down and slide the wooden rod back in and your done!
If you find it difficult to hold the bottom center piece up while pushing the top spring down and inserting the rod, try this:
A nice trick is to grab a capped plastic water bottle and put the Spice Grinder on top of it.
Using this way, the water bottle top fits nicely underneath the grinder and holds the center piece up so you can direct more attention to holding the spring down and inserting the rod.